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The lighting sector is a large one and comprises a huge amount of products for both the interior and exterior markets. Many of the components and accessories for lighting are similar between the outdoor and indoor parts of the industry, although there are some key differences, too. For example, the makers of exterior lighting products tend to use more components that are designed to seal their units against things like dust and water, which they can be more exposed to when installed outside. Parts such as over-lever latches and rubberised seals are more commonly found lighting components with these sort of ingress protected (IP) products than with indoor ones, so that they achieve the right sort of IP rating.

In other cases, indoor light fittings may have different sorts of lighting accessories, perhaps over-sleeves which can alter the colour of a product to match with an interior design, if required. Despite the differences that any lighting components manufacturer must cater for, there is a number of lighting accessories which are vital to both inside and outside lighting ranges. For example, lamp holders, whether they are bayonet or screw fixings, are commonplace with many sorts of products, unless LED arrays are being used, another common lighting component.

Anyone looking for suppliers of components & accessories for lighting products, perhaps the designers of bespoke fittings, can find the latest assemblies at Anything from wiring, to resistors as well as lighting control gear and variable ballast can be researched using the platform. At lighting designers can keep up to date with the latest components and work in novel designs, as a result of making new business contacts and finding new suppliers.

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