Wholesale lampshades can be found to match any decor and complement any home or work environment. Lampshades work to guide the light from a bulb in a certain direction, and come in various shapes and designs depending upon their purpose and intended location. After redecoration or a change in furniture, an existing lampshade may suddenly look out of place in a living room or office. Rather than replacing the whole light fitting, simply replacing the shade will usually suffice in restoring harmony. Replacing sets of lampshades in a commercial setting, such as a bar, restaurant or hotel can dramatically transform the atmosphere at relatively little expense. Tired looking desk lamps and table lamps can be given a new lease of life by replacing the shade.

A lampshade manufacturer on will produce shades in a multitude of styles, colours, forms and materials. Popular shapes for traditional wholesale lampshades include the drum, cylinder, barrel, bell, empire, square and corset. A lampshade manufacturer may also produce pleated versions of these styles of shade, often in silk, linen or taupe, that possess an understated elegance at home in any setting. Contemporary wholesale lampshades follow few rules of form, resulting in spectacular and stunningly beautiful designs in glass, metal, paper and any number of other materials that can be moulded and shaped to the will of the lampshade manufacturer.

Authentic period lampshades, such as chandeliers and Victorian pendant lights, are expensive to produce in the traditional way. Developments in material and technology ensure a lampshade manufacturer can reproduce these styles convincingly. The use of non-corrosive and lightweight materials may be the only discernible differences, and is the resource to check for suitable lampshade suppliers. Wholesale lampshades can also be custom-made to the requirements of a client, who may have a unique stylistic theme in mind that requires a specific size and style of lampshade.

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