Light Bulb Sockets

A light bulb socket is an important component for all electrical lighting, as it is designed to hold the bulb safely and firmly, yet ensuring the bulb can be inserted and removed with ease. These sockets do not need to be decorative as they are typically hidden by a shade when in use. Locating suppliers of light bulb sockets can be done using the business resources at

Each light bulb socket is designed to hold a particular type of bulb. Most household bulbs will feature either a screw in base or a bayonet base, which will twist and lock into the light bulb socket. The socket will then contain the bulb and allow an electrical current to reach it through small metal components. Importantly, as light bulb sockets are made of plastic, they remain safe to touch even when in use. Light bulbs also generate heat when in use, so the plastic construction of the socket also works to decrease the transfer of heat.

Household light sockets are typically found wired into lamp bases, or ceiling and wall light fittings. In addition to this, many specialized light bulb sockets are used in other lighting systems. For example, these may be torches, automotive headlights or string lighting. These sockets will be smaller, and designed to hold lots of different bulbs.

Light bulb sockets used for outdoor lighting may be designed to be more hard wearing and water resistant. Even if used within an exterior casing, light bulb sockets for outdoor use must be built to reduce the chance of rust or corrosion. Those looking to stock light bulb sockets and other lighting components can learn more by seeing a list of products and suppliers available at

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