Metal Accessories for Technical Luminaires

Technical luminaires are non-domestic lighting systems. Such lighting is used in commercial and industrial properties, outdoor architectural lighting, stage lighting, and municipal street lighting. Metal accessories for technical luminaires include mountings, control boxes, and fixtures can be acquired from suppliers at

Industrial track lighting is useful in milling operations and must be able to withstand oil and coolant splashes. This type of industrial luminaire frequently is constructed with an extruded anodized aluminium frame with painted aluminium side caps. The frames come in various lengths and have adjustable mountings for convenient installation. Industrial buildings often require special lighting installed in hazardous settings. Hardware for the mountings and attachments for these lighting systems need to be able to hold up under extreme conditions and are often manufactured from stainless steel to provide a tough and corrosion-resistant surface.

Commercial lighting systems from board rooms to warehouses require ambient lighting that is cost-effective and appropriate to the environment. Metal fixtures for indoor commercial lighting include framing structures for ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting constructed of lacquered steel frames with glossy aluminium reflectors. Metal accessories used in the replacing and maintenance of commercial and industrial lighting require some means of insulating the device to protect workers. For example, the 5-foot steel lamp-changing poles are equipped with wooden insulation and lamp changing heads with rubber tipped fingers. Outdoor pole lighting constructed of hot rolled carbon steel is efficient for illuminating buildings and parking areas, and are easily adapted to achieve different lighting effects. Pole accessories include aluminium or steel mounting fixtures such arms, bullhorns or tenons.

Whether for retrofitting existing outdoor advertising from neon to cost-effective LED, completely replacing or installing a lighting system, or routine maintenance replacements, metal accessories for technical luminaires are always in demand. Buyers and traders of luminaire accessories can locate the latest technology at

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