Reflectors & Refractors

Reflectors & refractors, though more commonly associated with telescopes and other star-gazing equipment, also apply to the world of lighting. The term reflecting refers to the process of bouncing light waves from a surface with as much accuracy as possible. Light waves have "reflected" from any surface that is visible to the human eye. It is the light that does not reflect that allows the eye to observe colour. Light hitting a truly reflective surface will bounce off in its entirety, allowing a viewer to see the light as it had been before hitting the reflective surface. Refracting, on the other hand, is the process of bending light waves as they pass through a refracting medium, such as a prism. This is done by distorting the light wave. Reflector manufacturers can be sourced on

In lighting, reflectors & refractors serve different purposes. A refractors manufacturer at may make refractive lamp shades, for example, which diffuse the light coming from the lamp and spread it in particular patterns around the room. It is also typical for a refractors manufacturer to make refractive bulbs. An example of reflective lighting on the other hand might be a reflective-backed overhead light. The reflective surface returns light waves that are heading upwards, away from the lit area, thus increasing the amount of generated light that is being effectively used. There is also a strong market for wholesale reflectors the automotive industry, and various health & safety applications for example, too. Wholesale reflectors offered by reflector manufacturers make an effective visual aid anywhere there will be other lighting. Whether it's decorative refractive lamps or wholesale reflectors, the market for such products is always liable to change with the times and technologies. With access to, traders can keep up with their preferred equipment suppliers.

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