"Sockets" in the components & accessories for lighting market covers light bulb sockets and standard electrical outlet sockets. A light bulb socket is a fixing of standardised form that can accept a light bulb. These sockets can be fitted to the ceiling, wall, or as part of a lamp or other moveable lighting appliance. Though they are standardised, there are different forms of standardised socket, such as pronged and screw fit. Electrical outlet sockets in a lighting sense are no different from electrical outlet sockets in other senses; they just happen to be used for lamps and other forms of moveable lighting. Sockets in this sense may have slight differences (though not necessarily), such as sockets with no switch, as lamps nearly always have a power switch built in.

Electrical components such as these are generally made by the same companies, so a bulb socket manufacturer will also be an electrical outlet socket supplier, as well as a supplier of many other electrical components. Retail outlets will often buy wholesale sockets from these manufacturers, with trade dealer sockets making up the rest of the market. A typical socket manufacturer will produce many variations of this product, encompassing all the different standards of bulb fitting, interior and exterior sockets, and industrial or domestic fittings. There aren't many cases where a socket manufacturer will specialise in only one type of lighting solution, especially given that the underlying technology is identical in most cases. Any market based around electronic components is ripe for change at any time as new technology emerges, and components & accessories for lighting is not exempt from that. For suppliers who are up to date with the latest developments, ensures traders can get the products they need.

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