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New design and designer lighting products are developed for the market each year in large numbers. This is because many interior- and lighting designers create one-off products for their unique design scheme. Although the optical qualities of some designer lighting products may not vary greatly, the look and general aesthetic appeal of these items certainly does. Design & Designer products for lighting are created for home and office environments. Specialist, customised items may be purpose made and designers can utilise the platform in order to locate suppliers of the necessary raw materials.

All sorts of lighting products can be considered to be a designer, so long as they are not produced for the mass market. This means that conventional lamp technology is used in some designer lighting products, with either bayonet or screw-in fixings, for instance, though a fluorescent or neon lamp may have been utilised instead. Lighting fixtures with such lamps offer designers different colour temperatures as well as efficiency when turned on, which is an essential consideration when it comes to interior design. In more modern settings, the use of LED technology is now commonplace and this is certainly a feature of many designer lighting fittings. Plenty of these units can be used together to create colour washes or vibrant displays with the products being controlled by a computer, if wanted. Designer lighting products are often made to a high specification with only the finest materials being used for either wall or ceiling mounted fittings.

For designer lighting products for a domestic application or a commercial setting, enables traders in this sector to network, making contact with designers and manufacturers in this industry branch.

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