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The industrial lighting sector is one that caters for the needs of many large-scale operations. From lighting products designed for offices and warehouses, to much more specialist products that are suited to airport runways and sports stadia, the industrial lighting industry differs from the lighting sector that is focussed on domestic fittings. One of the major differences between a manufacturer specialising in industrial lighting compared with a supplier of wholesale domestic light fittings is that the products produced have performance as their focus.

In many industrial applications, lighting needs to be able to provide a wide spray of light covering a large distance between one product and the next one in the overall lighting design. To keep running costs low, therefore, industrial lighting tends to be designed for certain specific applications, such that which is used for car park lighting, for example. Along with uniformity of light between fittings, which helps to minimise perceived dark areas, industrial lighting products are often fitted specialist lamps and control gear which allow them to be turned on and off efficiently, allowing for a low-cost maintenance regime.

Factories, warehouses and so forth which need industrial lighting need reliability and performance. After all, replacing a lightbulb at the ceiling of a warehouse is much more challenging than changing a light bulb in a living room. Moreover, industrial lights need to have enough luminosity to light up much larger rooms. Industrial lights also need to be resistant to a number of hazards, such as chemical fumes or water. As such fittings cannot be cleaned regularly, they cannot be susceptible to dust or rust. Many lights also feature a metal caging in order to be able to survive impacts without breaking the bulb or electrical wiring.

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