Lighting for Garages & Factories

Lighting for garages and factories is a specific subset of lighting technology that is specifically suited to the more heavy duty world of factories and automotive repair. The reason for this suitability may be due to the brightness of a light, the cost of running the light, the physical robustness of the light, or any number of other factors that make a particular lighting product more suited to garage lighting or factory lighting.

Brightness is often the first important difference between factory lighting and lighting in an average home. Factories tend to be a much larger space, with far higher ceilings. Factory lighting must be bright enough to illuminate a larger area and, most likely, do it from further away. Though garages aren't necessarily as big as a typical factory, the same mostly applies to garage lighting. Running costs are the next big factor. A brighter light will naturally use more energy than a lower brightness alternative. There are ways to mitigate the energy usage, however. Garage lighting is often switched on and left on until the end of the day, unlike house lighting which may be switched on and off all the time. Because of this, garage lighting and factory lighting is often built with long term usage in mind, such as using technology that will draw a large amount of power when first switched on but considerably less than a standard alternative once running. This method is ideal for lights that will be on for a long time, but not for lights that are switched on and off regularly.

Lighting products designed for use in industrial environments such as garages, and factory buildings are constantly being revamped for improved manufacturing costs, performance, and efficiency. can help buyers by allowing access to all the latest updates and information from this sector.

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