Light Control Systems, Light Management & Light Metering

Light Control Systems, Light Management & Light Metering are all terms which refer to the process of controlling and managing light sources across a broad range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The benefits of such light management systems include convenience, cost and energy savings, compliance with construction regulations and 'green' energy initiatives, as well as security issues.

There are many systems which rely on some form of digital control and can be used to manage both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Intelligent light metering and monitoring allows the optimum amount of light to be available in the right locations, at the right times. These systems are commonly referred to as DALI devices, though enquiring companies can find experts in this industry by using

Companies interested in security and surveillance may find the implementation of automated lighting systems useful. When connected to movement detection sensors, wise business owners can ensure their premises are lit up when movement is detected in the nearby area. Likewise, automated devices are popular items for homeowners who wish to protect their property during periods of absence. Traders of DIY products and home renovation should, therefore, ensure they have contact with wholesale suppliers or stockists of automated systems.

The concept of light metering enables a carefully nuanced approach to lighting whereby light levels within an illuminated space are detected and continuously monitored. For example, this allows natural daylight to be supplemented by lighting sources whenever light levels drop below a pre-set threshold. Such systems can be used to advantage in larger public spaces where they represent an ultra-efficient means of limiting energy costs whilst also providing sophisticated control features. Indeed, for measuring light efficiency or for work conducted in a scientific – academic environment, companies can find traders of spectrophotometer by using the database. The parent category Lighting also contains a broad range of light-control listings.

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