DALI Devices

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and represents a data protocol standard for lighting control technology. Several members of the lighting industry jointly developed this specification to create a common platform, a standard that can be used for numerous lighting products. DALI devices consist of various lighting control units and similar instruments which allow remote control of lighting and are guaranteed to work with other DALI items.

Traders in lighting equipment will find sources for DALI devices at productpilot.com. These devices are ideal for building contractors who wish to implement a degree of automation, such as remote light dimming. The DALI trademark is only assigned to members of the AG DALI and stands for a trusted degree of compatibility and compliance. DALI lighting is a common alternative to the DSI or Digital Standard Interface.

DALI devices operate by networking a control unit to other DALI lighting devices. The standard allows for two way data exchange, enabling the user to both send commands and monitor the status of units. Standardization is achieved between DALI manufacturers using the strict IEC 62386 standard and other co-operative initiatives, such as a common measurement of brightness for dimmer switches.

These setups are popular throughout the world because the standardization makes installation easier, eliminating compatibility problems and ensuring quality. Due to this broad adoption, DALI devices are a safe bet for traders in light control and equipment and systems, or LED lighting. DALI items can also be marketed to new companies thanks to their simplicity, known for working ‘straight out of the box’. A building-wide network can be managed at the touch of a button and modified without changing the wiring, ideal for new premises.

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