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A light control system is a means of controlling the settings of different lights with a single user interface. Light control systems have applications for indoor and outdoor lighting for industries, municipal grids, commercial properties, personal residences, and theatre lighting programs. The primary aim of light control systems is to meet building codes, or to satisfy green building or energy conservation mandates. Today, most lighting systems are digital and are either hard-wired or wireless.

Lighting controls are stand-alone networks that control a set of lights with each light being manually adjusted. In contrast, a light control system has a single user interface and controls a network of devices that manage light settings. The light settings can be controlled at each device location as well as through a central computer location. The devices typically connected to a light control system are photocells, relays, light control switches, occupancy sensors, touch screens, and input from other areas of the property such as a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system or a fire alarm.

Lighting control systems can be automated by program logic or by other parameters. Outdoor municipal lighting systems usually are set according to sunrise and sunset. For industrial and commercial purposes, lighting systems can parallel working hours, such as chronological time, or by the amount of available sunlight through the use of photocells. For homes or industrial settings, occupancy sensors are a convenient means of saving energy. For emergencies, signals from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units, and fire alarms can trigger an override to turn all lights on. Theatre lighting systems control lobby lights, dimmer controls for the house lights, and stage lighting, and can respond to the needs of rehearsal or performance situations.

Light control systems are found in any setting in which energy conservation is paramount. Buyers and sellers of light control systems and accessories can locate the latest technology at

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