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A light source generally refers to the mode or method used to produce visible light. Historically, the process has involved flame, candles and gas- and oil lights, but the most common and easily controllable lighting now used utilises the flow of an electric current. Temporary light sources commonly rely upon a generator or batteries to produce the requisite current where mobility is the main priority of the lighting system, or if the configuration is mainly used for emergency or backup purposes. Smaller, handheld torches and lights powered by batteries also fall within this description. Apart from the limited use of solar light sources in locations which are optimised for its viable deployment, the main source of domestic and industrial lighting is provided by some form of mains-powered system.

The two main types of electric light sources are incandescent lamps and gas-discharge lamps, and suppliers of these are well-represented in's Lighting category. Incandescent lamps emit light generated by a thin filament which glows white-hot whenever an electric current is passed through, whereas gas-discharge lamps pass current through a small volume of gas.

The history of lighting has been impacted by developments in technology, as well as environmental awareness. Halogen lights and standard light bulbs remain popular for decorative purposes, as well as being essential to projectors too. Light bulbs come in a number of different shapes and can even be designed in the shape of candles, which may be useful on a wholesale basis for those companies working in the hospitality or gastronomy industry. LED lights come in a variety of different colours, making these suitable for decorations at seasonal periods, as well as their utilisation in warning signs or smaller gadgets. Indeed, any working environment will need a reliable source of light in order to ensure the successful day-to-day business runs as it should. should be consulted for sourcing reliable light source providers.

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