Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are small light sources which operate by passing an electric current through a wire filament. The filament is heated by the electricity until it glows, creating the illumination that we use in homes across the world. The filament is encased in a bulb of glass or quartz, creating the familiar and iconic balloon shape.

The light bulb is one of the most commonplace and useful inventions of all time, providing light to countless homes. These ingenious devices will always be in demand and wholesale light bulbs can be obtained from a light bulb supplier found at With electricity being present in the vast majority of homes, in most nations on Earth, wholesale light bulbs are a wise choice for traders in essential commodities. Every home and business uses them and needs them, with consumers frequently opting to buy in bulk to guard against unexpected breakages.

A typical light bulb manufacturer will produce several variations on the archetypal round bulb. There are many different bulb colours and sizes, allowing them to be used in spot lighting or small lamps, solving lighting problems throughout the home. Since the bulbs that come with new lamps will not last forever, wholesale light bulbs are always in demand for a light bulb supplier.

Appliances and industrial devices need bulbs too, so finding a light bulb manufacturer with the right stock is important. Due to ecological and monetary pressures, many homeowners also like to buy CFL or energy-saving light bulbs, which use fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent to reduce the power requirement. Stockists of these items can position them with other specialist lighting, such as neon lights and sodium lamps to maximise impact.

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