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Neon lights are a very specific type of lighting that produces a bright, coloured glow. Neon lights consist of a glass tube or bulb that contains a particular kind of gas from a select few (neon being one of them) that ionises when voltage is passed through the electrodes at either end of the tube, producing visible light. The colour of a neon light depends on the gas that is used inside of the tube or bulb. Neon, after which the lights themselves are named, produces an orange light, whereas helium makes a yellow light, mercury is blue, hydrogen is red, and carbon dioxide is white. A neon light manufacturer or neon light supplier at will typically sell all the colours, as well as many different shapes.

Neon lighting is popular for use in lit signs, as the glass tubing that it is made from can be formed into shapes, such as text, or logos. Though the market for custom signs doesn't lend itself well to wholesale neon light deals, generally speaking a neon light manufacturer will also make custom signs. Wholesale neon light sales are typically limited to large franchises with fans who want to buy their products. Another area for wholesale neon light sales is that of neon lamps, which are subtly different from a regular neon light, and look more like a regular bulb. A neon light supplier will usually stock both neon lights and neon lamps. Neon lighting, though very similar, is not the same as fluorescent lighting which is typically found in office lighting.

The various uses for neon lighting have always been more aesthetic than anything particularly utilitarian, but new and interesting ways to use technology like this are always cropping up. can help traders stay up to day with the latest developments.

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Founded in 1982, Wing Wah Lignting(Hong Kong) Company Limited provides light sources...

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