Lighting Installations

The lighting installation industry relies upon a number of different products and services operating together in order to function efficiently. For example, lighting installation companies often require the use of installation equipment, such as cherry-pickers, in order for operatives to work safely at height. Exterior and road lighting installations often use specialist lamps as part of lighting scheme and these can vary from fluorescent lights to LED technology and even neon and sodium lamps, in certain applications. It’s not unusual for outdoor lighting suppliers and manufacturers to produce individual products that can be used on their own for a lighting installation, but - in many cases - they are used collectively to provide a great deal of light in a certain area.

Often used for safety reasons in zones of public access, like railway station platforms for example, lighting installations have been shown to lower the fear of crime and other anti-social behaviour in the public realm. Many companies produce technically advanced lighting products which have controllable optic systems that allow the light of the products to provide illumination just where it is needed and, crucially, to prevent spillage where it is not.

At professionals in the lighting industry can find just about every lighting-related product they might need for a successful new installation or design. From control gear and lighting columns and finials to the latest in lamp technology and attractively designed fittings, all of the most up-to-date products can be researched. Furthermore, once a suitable product or range of products has been found, buyers can make contact with suppliers and wholesale operators, allowing them to build enduring business relationships successfully.

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