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The outdoor lighting industry is one that covers many sectors of the economy, as the need for illumination is not exclusive to one single sector. This includes the large-scale end of the industry, which caters for the needs of street lighting and the sort of lighting products which are used in car parks and trunk road intersections, such as traffic lights. In addition, suppliers of exterior lighting products also often cater for the consumer end of the market, for instance with things like garden lighting and residential solar lights. Outdoor lighting manufacturers make a wide range of products, from fittings which need to be installed on lamp posts, to those which are fitted with bollards or onto the walls of buildings, creating washes.

Any manufacturer will usually supply to the wholesale market traditional looking lighting products, ideal for historical settings and conservation areas, as well as more contemporary ones, better to suited to new architectural projects and modern settings. Outdoor lighting products such as neon signs and sensor lights – which are often used for security applications - need to be water tight and many are rated with an IP number which allows suppliers to indicate how weatherproof they are. Whether it’s for large wholesale supplies or single traders, productpilot.com is a useful resource.

The wholesale outdoor lighting industry can reach new clients using productpilot.com, where buyers can research all of the latest innovations and products. From lighting designers, looking for a distinctive product with certain technical properties, to retailers of garden lighting, productpilot.com is the ideal platform to discover all of the best new products that have come onto the market. More dedicated sub-categories, such as Accessories for Exterior Lamps, Construction Lights, Neon Signs, Solar Lights and Traffic Lights, connect buyers with the manufacturers of the products that they require.

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CITIE 3000

1.Low glare 2.High Efficacy & CRI 3.Multiple beam angle available 4.Aluminum...


Adam Hall® Group

The Adam Hall Group is a leading German manufacturer and distribution company that provides...


Composite lighting column – bolted assembly

Composite pole with base plate to be assembled with bolts on prefabricated concrete...


Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd is located at the coast of East China...


Composite lighting column - direct burial

Composite pole directly burried in the ground. No need of any prefabricated concrete...


Gebrüder Albert GmbH & Co. KG

Gebrüder Albert GmbH & Co. KG Since our foundation in 1864 we have been producing...


ECO 1000 Advanced Series

1.High Efficacy & CRI 2.Aluminum Die-casting heatsink , light weight, superior...


Archimet Ltd.

“Archimet - APEX" has a big experience of manufacturing lighting products, that create...

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