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The lighting industry makes many different specialist products for niche applications and this is certainly the case for lights that are made for the construction industry. Frequently designed for outdoor use or in places devoid of natural light, a construction light needs to provide a great spread of illumination in order to make building activities safe. Used on site once the sun has gone down, they come in various forms. One of the most typical sorts of product used as a construction light consists of a rechargeable LED array mounted in front of a diffuser which spreads the light over as wide an arc as possible. An LED array provides a good uniformity of light, ideal for the construction industry where light is needed in a certain section of a building site. Because they can be run from rechargeable batteries, they are also good for sites where mains electricity is not yet up and running. On the other hand, a festooned construction light tends to require a mains supply, but offers the advantage of being able to be used all over a site. Festoon lights frequently use bulbs and are daisy-chained together. This means that access points in buildings can be lit adequately on a temporary basis, even before a first fit out has been conducted.

Another important job for the construction light industry is to provide security. Many construction sites need to be guarded at night when workers are not present. Construction lighting also tends to include security lights which are mounted on scaffolding or on the sides of buildings to deter unwarranted access. These can also be fitted with motion sensors, if wanted. All manner of lights designed for the construction industry can be found at

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