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Street lights are the almost universal method by which urban areas are lit, though their designs vary significantly. In fact, there are many different types, such as ornamental lights often found in parks, low energy lights, solar or wind-powered lights, and many more. The cost of running street lights is most often covered by the city or, in cases of privately owned land, the owner. Given the sheer volume of lights needed for any one area, buyers will always opt to buy street lights wholesale. Many a street lights manufacturer will be judged on the volume they can produce as much as the price they charge. Buying street lights wholesale comes with a lot of side business, such as transportation, fitting, and wiring up to a power source; no small industries in their own right. Suppliers for these items, street lights wholesale and services can be located using

Street lights come in a variety of shapes, types, and with a number of different features, though they all share the same main purposes: to ensure travel around urban areas at night is easier and safer. There are also studies that suggest improved street lighting can contribute to a decrease in crime levels. The proliferance of street lights in urban areas has come a long way since the days of hand lit oil and flame lamps, to gas lights and finally the electric variety typically seen today. Finding ways to be efficient and cost effective is a goal driving all street lights manufacturer to innovate. Currently, street lights are so prevalent in modern infrastructure that they cause "light pollution", a phenomenon whereby the light produced by street lamps hides the stars at night, and can interfere with bird migration. grants traders access to seller and manufacturer information.

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CITIE 3000

1.Low glare 2.High Efficacy & CRI 3.Multiple beam angle available 4.Aluminum...


Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd is located at the coast of East China...


Composite lighting column – bolted assembly

Composite pole with base plate to be assembled with bolts on prefabricated concrete...


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ARC Solid-State Lighting was founded in Jan, 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan. We focus on the LED...


Composite lighting column - direct burial

Composite pole directly burried in the ground. No need of any prefabricated concrete...


Beneder Kompetenzgruppe

  We make the world BRIGHTER. As a partner of lighting technology BENEDER is setting...


ECO 1000 Advanced Series

1.High Efficacy & CRI 2.Aluminum Die-casting heatsink , light weight, superior...


B & M Optics Co., Ltd.

B&M optics is a company founded at June, 2009, in Taiwan. Our professional RD team...

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