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Residential and office lighting products are often similar in their design aesthetics, but fittings can vary in terms of their performance. For example, office lighting that is recessed into suspended ceilings tends to be made to hold fluorescent strips rather than conventional light bulbs, largely due to their economy, when run all day long. Nevertheless, any manufacturer of residential lighting products will also be looking to create something that can accommodate the latest low-energy usage bulbs. This also frequently means an increasing uptake of LED technology in both office lighting and residential lighting, not just because of the low running costs, but because of the long life cycles these products offer – ideal if the fitting is installed in a hard to reach place where changing the bulb could be costly.

The wholesale market for both sectors is constantly evolving to cope with the latest technological developments. Additionally, it also changes so that suppliers can offer products with modern-looking forms that suit recent fashions in interior designs. All sorts of materials are used with lighting products, from plastics, to brushed steel and from aluminium to glass.

For any buyer of residential & office lighting, staying on top of the latest developments with desk and table lamps, luminous ceiling systems, designer lights and wall lights is essential to make sure they have right the products on offer. At, it is possible to find a supplier for any variety of residential lighting as well as fittings more suited to offices. Furthermore, once a new product has been located, can be utilised to find the right people to get in touch with and to build a network of professional contacts.

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Abby Lighting and Switchgear Ltd.

We’re thinkers, innovators, creators, designers. We are people who nurture a deep...


28L warm white cooper wire tree

H: 50cm, 28L warm white cooper wire tree, base dia: 10cm, 3*AAbattery box, battery...


Absen GmbH

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co. Ltd., which started in Shenzhen in 2001, is an integrated...

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