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In common with other school supplies, such as teaching resources and drawing tools, desk equipment is often geared towards the education sector. Unlike some school supplies, however, desk equipment is also often supplied by wholesalers to offices. Whether such products are put to use in the classroom, lecture theatre or an administrative centre, equipment for desk use tends to be small, transportable and easy to operate.

Designers of equipment such as hole punches, for example, make sure that their equipment is safe to use, preventing unwanted accidents but that the cutting edge is sharp enough to do a good job even after repeated use. Equipment manufacturers, such as which are available on, also tend to focus on the ergonomics of their devices. Again, the primary reason for this is to ensure operation does not become tiresome when a product is used repeatedly. One example of this is the ball point pen, which is used in nearly all office and educational environments for note taking. Simple and inexpensive to produce, designers are constantly adapting the basic design to make their pens more comfortable to hold and write with over extended periods. The same design principle applies with many other forms of desk equipment, such as staplers and highlighters.

Used in offices more than school settings, desk tidies are another product group which often sees design innovation. In recent times, desk sanitation products have also become more commonplace, largely following the rise of hot desk offices and agile working practices. Given the large number of manufacturers who produce desk equipment and the variety of product innovations that are made each year, keeping up with all of the latest developments can become a problem for professionals. At, keeping abreast new products and ideas becomes easy.

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