Indoor Lighting

The indoor lighting industry deals primarily in the development, manufacture, and sale of lighting solutions for internal spaces, such as residential homes or office spaces. The population is growing at an exponential rate and more homes and places of work are being built every day, and they all need lighting. This makes the wholesale indoor lighting market a big one to be involved in, but ensures contact can be made with the necessary suppliers.

Indoor lighting is such an essential that it is easily taken for granted. Indeed, it is rarely noticed until it is not there. Typical examples can come in the form of a single hanging bulb, or a series of down lights set into the ceiling of a room, but there are many options of varying complexity. Some are suitable for an average person who is competent with DIY to take home and fit themselves, others require significant architectural modification and a qualified electrician. Most wholesale indoor lighting suppliers will sell a selection of everything.

Typical lighting for indoor use is wired into the building's electrical supply and connected to a switch. The switch will often be in the same room as the light which it controls, although the growing popularity of digitally controlled lighting systems may change that. Properly fitted lights are usually "earthed" for the safety of those using them. It is important never mix up lighting intended for indoor use with external lighting. Indoor lighting is rarely adequately protected for use outside where it will be exposed to the elements, namely rain. In most cases this will just result in the light failing, but it can also be a safety risk due the combination of electricity and rain water.

The wholesale indoor lighting industry is always adapting; refining existing products or creating new technology. In this ever-changing market, provides traders access to all the latest information.

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