Special Lights

Specialized lamps are used for specific lighting needs such as task lighting in a work environment, ambient lighting in hospitality or relaxation areas and accent lighting to illuminate displays and special features.

From novelty lamps to ornate torchéres and chandeliers, special lights also include adjustable tripod lighting for photography, scissor lights with adjustable drops and other interior lighting designs such as vintage industrial fittings. These can be restored to take E27 energy-efficient LED bulb mountings and fitted to complement post-industrial attic and loft conversions. This specialised lighting category also includes pendant lamps, recessed and cabinet display lights as well as picture lights, all available from an extensive list of expert wholesale suppliers listed on productpilot.com.

Other residential and business lighting uses for specialized lamps include spotlights and luminous ceiling systems. LED strips can be used to backlight architraves and alcoves, providing diffused wall wash lighting. Conversely, in the workplace, overhead lighting systems can be designed to give low glare and high output, for pleasant working conditions and a productive environment. These lighting principles can also be used to good effect in halls, reception areas and passenger terminals.

Additionally, special lights are used in stage lighting in television and theatre. Here, the term special indicates that the lamp is used and controlled separately. Similarly, special lights with gobos can be used at business events to project shapes, patterns or images such as company logos and taglines. Specialised lamp manufacturers can be pinpointed using productpilot.com supplier listings, in addition to seller contact details. Equally, lamp distributors will find the online showcase a professional and attractive way to promote lamp ranges.

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