Originally used in theatres for highlighting a particular area of the stage, a spotlight supplier is now just as likely to provide products for homes and offices as they are to performance settings. Indeed, for any lighting dealer spotlight products are an important part of their offering, together with other fittings such as wall lights, special lights and table lamps. For business supplies, spotlight sellers and traders can be found at

In most home settings, spotlights are used for providing accent lighting, perhaps creating a wall wash which highlights a work of art, for example. In other cases, the wholesale spotlight industry will supply products which work in groups of three of four, creating multiple spots of light from lamps held on a pole or a catenary. These sorts of products tend to be used in long rooms, such as corridors, so that spotlights can be positioned in a regular arrangement and angled to produce areas of light and shade. However, most spotlights are used on their own to produce often dramatic or artistic effects, unlike conventional lighting which is designed to produce an even spread of light.

For any lighting dealer spotlight products must also include a range of lamps which can be used with them. Spotlights tend to be used to create additional light, so powerful lamps frequently need to be fitted in these products. This is particularly the case in offices, where spotlights tend to be used to highlight product displays or business awards. As such, spotlight fittings can become hotter than normal lighting products and this needs to be taken into account in their design to ensure they remain safe. For any supplier spotlight lamps and fittings can be researched at

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Anti-galr LED Downlight UGR

Anti-galr LED Downlight UGR<19 100lm/W  5 Years Warranty Light Source: COB LED...


Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Aishi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd is located at the coast of East China...



Our innovative AR111 LED products are ideally suitable to spot light applications...


Beautiful Light Technology Corporation

Beautiful Light Technology Corporation (BLTC) was established in March 2005 in Chiayi...


Astra Indoor Track Lighting

Astra Indoor Track Lighting A new experience in light The Astra Series is designed...


B & M Optics Co., Ltd.

B&M optics is a company founded at June, 2009, in Taiwan. Our professional RD team...


ceiling light

Product ID: TJ-CL Materials: Aluminum inlay + thermal plastic  Shape: Round/Square...


Delta Electronics, Inc.

Delta, founded in 1971, is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions...

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