Torchieres & Luminous Ceiling Systems

Torchieres and luminous ceiling systems are items used in residential and office lighting. A torchiere is a tall floor lamp topped with an opaque inverted shade that both diffuses the light and reflects it upwards. A torchiere can come in a variety of styles from the traditional to the contemporary. The torchiere is useful for both general and feature lighting and is highly versatile due to its portable nature. A luminous ceiling system is a large flat panel, usually made of translucent glass or plastic, with light sources kept above or within it. This ensures the panel can radiate light from its entire surface, offering a minimalistic, modern look. As their name suggests, they are suspended from or integrated with the ceiling, casting an even light across the room beneath. Buyers seeking a luminous ceiling system supplier or manufacturer of torchieres should visit

Other lighting products, such as table desk lamps or spotlights, are intended for lighting specific areas. This light tends to be less soft and more direct. Much like wall lights, a torchiere or luminous ceiling system will provide a softer, more homogenous light as well as making a real interior design statement. A luminous ceiling system will look sleek and modern, whereas a torchiere can fulfil a modern or timeless and classical look, depending on its design.

Buyers and traders looking for manufacturers and suppliers of the latest torchieres and luminous ceiling systems will find them at As stylish and modern lighting products, high-quality torchieres and luminous ceiling panels can give any interior a real sense of style.

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