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Wall lights provide soft, diffuse lighting, without taking up floor or table space. A wide choice of fast-moving wholesale wall lights product lines is available from classic to modern - ideal for reception areas, offices or waiting rooms. Translucent shades give warm, gentle illumination that works well in sitting areas, dining rooms and hallways, while the ceramic bowl type of wall mounted uplighter uses reflection from ceilings to give a wide and welcoming glow. For an extensive listing of wall light supplier companies, productpilot.com provides wholesale buyers with contact details of innovative companies and lighting solutions for residential and business use.

Ideal for putting some charm and design into the room, wall lights can be used to provide mood lighting. Alternatively, they may be fitted to accentuate architectural or display features, or installed on both sides of a fireplace, mirror or sofa. If this type of lighting is well planned and located, ceiling lighting may not be necessary due to the pleasant illumination and relaxing ambient effect. Low voltage wall lights are also available, which require transformers. Owing to their use in setting mood and ambience, wall lights make popular items for restaurants and eateries where a certain atmosphere has to be attained. Certainly, a wall light manufacturer can be contacted using productpilot.com for any specific lighting requirements.

Styles vary immensely, from simple and functional to the chic and ornate, such as crystal wall lights with candle bulbs. Other popular wholesale wall lights feature polished chrome or brass effect mountings, sometimes with individual lamp switches. Other fashionable fittings include ironwork, bronze and nickel, or a gold effect and classic appearance to complement period style décor. Many contemporary models are designed to use low consumption bulbs for energy efficiency.

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