The lighting services industry encompasses a broad range of many different companies. Some lighting services firms, for example, specialise in planned maintenance cycles whereas others are reactive, responding to faulty equipment. Either way, such businesses operate in the expectation that light fittings will outlast the lamp technology used in them and that they require manual intervention once in a while to continue to operate. Many lighting services operatives will simply change the bulb, or lamp, when it is needed, but others will also work on upgrading ballasts so that illumination times are improved.

In cases where a photo sensor has been provided on an outdoor fitting to allow the product to fire up when it starts getting dark, many service companies will either clean or replace these, as needed, too. As such, lighting services companies also provide safety equipment, such as high visibility clothing and access equipment, to the industry as well. At, it is possible for anyone seeking to procure the services of a lighting company to research the market and to create watch lists to keep an eye on any new developments.

When it comes to indoor lighting, service companies often provide planned maintenance for multi-site companies which need lots of lighting, such as high street retailers, for instance. This will often involve work with display and safety lighting products, along with conventional strip light fittings.

Lighting services companies can use the platform to raise awareness of their work and to gain the interest of potential new clients. Both suppliers and buyers can forge long-lasting business relationships with other professionals in the field, allowing for expansion into new markets all over the world.

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