Emergency Lighting

In its most strictly defined sense, emergency lighting is a battery powered backup system installed in high-occupancy commercial- and residential buildings. This type of emergency lighting is designed to activate automatically whenever the normal lighting system fails to operate. These types of emergency-lighting systems falls into two distinct categories: escape lighting (also known as egress lighting) to cover emergency situations, which is generally governed by legislation; and standby lighting to ensure normal operations can continue unchecked, which is generally unregulated. In addition to this narrow definition, emergency lighting also covers many types of outdoor lighting such as floodlights and spotlights, lighting used for construction and repair purposes, and many types of warning lights and signals used on highways and in public spaces.

At a domestic level, householders also use smoke alarms equipped with emergency lights, as well as battery operated flashlights for temporary lighting and a range of occasional lights in the garden and elsewhere – for example, on camping trips. Though some small-scale emergency lights may, for example, use gas and oil as a fuel source, the majority use electricity supplied by batteries or via an electrical generator. Traders working in this industry can gain access to wholesale supplies by locating manufacturers on productpilot.com.

Emergency lighting is also well implemented as warning or caution lighting. Lighthouses, for example, have long since been used to signal a warning sign in the form of light. Emergency lights continue to be used in airports, too, as these lights are strong enough to produce a signal which can be seen from afar. Certainly, these emergency lights are industrial items and differ significantly in terms of size and power from household lights, though productpilot.com can be used to locate a manufacturer.

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