Caution Lights & Light Signals

Like all automotive lighting, hazard flashers and signal lights do a specific job on a vehicle. However, unlike fog lights, daytime running lamps and tail lights, these lights can double up in their role. When signalling, a vehicle's signal light will flash amber on one side of the vehicle. In the case of a car, this usually means a minimum of one signal light at the front, one at the back and perhaps a third mounted on the front wing or wing mirror. The corresponding number of signal lights are installed on the other side of the vehicle. Although a motorbike may have fewer and a lorry many more, this is the general principle which allows drivers to make turnings and switch lanes safe in the knowledge that other traffic on the side concerned is aware of the upcoming manoeuvre. However, when a problem is being indicated rather than a manoeuvre, signal lights can operate as hazard flashers. In this mode, they are not switched on by an indicator lever by the steering wheel, but a button on the dashboard with a triangle on it. In hazard flasher mode all of the indicator lights turn on and off simultaneously to indicate a problem.

Hazard flashers tend to be used by drivers when there is a mechanical breakdown in conjunction with other safety equipment, like reflective hazard triangles and high-visibility jackets, for example. They are also sometimes applied when there is a hazard in the road ahead that a following driver may not be able to see. A hazard flasher function is required by all new cars that are made before they can be sold. Traders in automotive lighting products can keep up to date with the latest developments, including LED signal lights, by registering with

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