Emergency Lighting

Usually considered to be part of the industrial lighting industry, a typical emergency lighting manufacturer will make a range of products designed for buildings and vehicles which provide illumination in the event of an accident. Along with caution lighting and indicator lights, an emergency lighting manufacturer will produce products that are designed to operate only in the event of a catastrophic problem. For example, emergency lighting includes things like durable bulkhead fittings which are able to withstand high temperatures caused by fire. In addition, an emergency lighting supplier will commonly produce armoured conduit which is designed to protect the wiring of an emergency lighting system protected from vandalism and fire damage. In public buildings, lighting needs to be specifically designed for emergencies, meaning that it must help people to evacuate the building when the main lighting system fails. As such, lit way-finding signage is also commonly produced by the average emergency lighting supplier. With illuminated exit signs and wall-mounted light fittings, most public buildings are not plunged into complete darkness in the event of an emergency.

Along with buildings, industrial emergency lighting also comprises warning and hazard lights. When looking for an emergency lighting manufacturer which designs these sorts of products, often for bespoke manufacturing projects, it is helpful to search at productpilot.com. With lighting products which can be fitted into industrial equipment, vehicles and even integrated into healthcare systems, many specialist manufacturers exist, often developing new methods for deploying their emergency lighting. For instance, many LED lighting products are now capable of self-testing, an extremely helpful consideration for lights which are not used everyday and only need to come on in an emergency. This not only means they are safer, but also lowers maintenance costs by reducing the inspection regime.

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