Medical Lights

Medical lighting describes the types of illumination required for medical fields. Although the different fields have individual requirements, there are some shared characteristics. The illumination needs to rate high on the colour rendering index so that the colour of the tissue can be correctly assessed and thus facilitate diagnosis. Another critical factor is that the medical light needs to be constructed so that hands and heads of medical personnel do not obscure the area of the patient being examined. The handle of the medical light needs to be made of a material that can be sterilized; for suppliers of sterilizing equipment and other medical supplies, can be used to find the necessary providers.

Surgical lightheads are found in Operating Rooms. Surgical lightheads need to be able to evenly illuminate the patient and reduce the effects of shadows inside the body. Retractors used inside cavities come with their own illumination system and are designed to function through a limited opening. Illuminated retractors allow maximum visibility with minimal access and are specific to the type of surgery, for example breast, spine, orthopaedic, and thyroid surgeries. To eliminate the time taken to re-position a light, fiber optic cables can be attached to a headband and positioned so that they are trained in the same direction as the surgeon’s eyes. Headlights also reduce the chance the light is obscured by the heads of those involved in the procedure.

Medical lamps for examination and minor procedure rooms have arm systems that allow for maximum flexibility so that any part of the patient’s body can be conveniently illuminated. Dermatologists are likely to have an illuminated magnifying glass as part of the examination room equipment, whereas diagnostic imaging facilities will require MRI compatible lighting. Medical lighting is manufactured in a variety of designs to accommodate the requirements of different medical fields. Traders and buyers of medical lighting systems can locate the newest products from suppliers with

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