Sports & Hobby Lamps

The sports and hobby lamps industry caters for the needs of individual consumers in the main. Most of its products reach the end consumer through retail outlets, commonly via wholesale suppliers on the way to market. The industry is split into three main categories. Firstly, a hobby lamp tends to be either a flashlight or a torch that is specifically marketed for the outdoor pursuits enthusiast, perhaps for camping or hiking and could be hand-held or worn. The second category is the flashlight which is marketed for general use, perhaps the sort of thing that is kept at home for emergencies in the event of a power outage, and usually sold through hardware stores. Finally, a sports lamp manufacturer will market their products through general and sports retailers, most commonly with a specific activity in mind. As such, bicycle lights manufacturers fall into this category, as do the makers of LED bands which are designed to be worn by joggers, making them easier to see at dusk. Both sports and hobby lamp manufacturers differ from the general lighting industry because their products are mobile, built to withstand the elements and tend to run on batteries, as opposed to mains supplied electricity.

With, it is possible for sports and hobby lamp suppliers of all kinds to reach new audiences quickly and efficiently. Likewise, buyers of wholesale sports and hobby lamps can keep an eye on the latest innovations in the industry by establishing contact with a whole host of new suppliers. Whether it’s to find a wholesale supplier or showcase great new consumer lighting products, all involved will be able to find the right business partners.

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