Stage Lighting

The term stage lighting concerns far more than just lighting up a performance platform. Professional stage designers would say that lighting a stage involves deploying light in order to create natural-looking visibility which is completely in harmony with the mood and aesthetic qualities of the staged event. Such a task requires not only knowledge and talent but also a broad selection of high-quality equipment. The list of contacts reflects the variety of precision-made products and specialist services the industry demands of each wholesale manufacturer, and the range of goods, accessories and spare parts each wholesale supplier is expected to hold in stock. Those supplying the needs of stage-lighting crews are expected to service a vast range of requirements from affordable rudimentary lighting sets for local amateur groups right up to state-of-the-art, computer-controlled rigs for modern theatres and touring international artists. sub-categories addressing more specific requirements include Accessories, Decoration & Props, Filters & Foils and Lighting Technology.

With the world’s love for stage performances, be they Shakespearian plays, modern rock musicals, Chinese operas, stand-up acts, heavy metal concerts or dance shows, the need for proper stage lighting equipment will not dwindle. Lighting plays a very big role in these acts, and without the proper equipment, the evening can be ruined. If the light is to emulate a setting sun, focus on a solo musician or beam down on the audience, the right equipment needs to be considered for the desired effect.

Every manufacturer can find the right outlets for his own specialist goods by finding the relevant contacts on, and wholesale suppliers can find and set up reliable trading arrangements with those businesses whose industry profile matches their specific needs. All companies need to ensure that their business contacts meet their requirements, such as the supply of goods, in order to operate efficiently. Long-term professional partnerships are key to a successful business.

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