Stage lighting is a key consideration when it comes to live performances. Stage lighting equipment, including items such as controllers, cables and dimmers are combined with the various accessories to provide such effects as colour washes, spots and even intelligent lighting, creating changing colours and shapes. No matter where the performance takes place, a competent lighting technician will be able to manipulate the appearance of the stage to create any number of desired effects. Manufacturers of lighting products and accessories can be found using the B2B supliert portal

Lighting accessories can be used either internally, inside the stage lighting equipment, in the front of the equipment, or fixed to the top, bottom or side of the stage lighting equipment. By fixing special attachments or foils to a lamp, for example, a technician will be able to project various colours of patterns. Using a colour merger, different shades can be mixed and changed, too. Moving mirror attachments, beam benders, and boomerangs are all similar accessories which can be attached in the front of the lens. Accessories such as yokes, auto yokes, or a right arm could be fitted on other areas of the equipment.

Whilst the majority of lighting accessories will be used to create effects on the lights and lamps themselves, a number of accessories will be essential in ensuring safety on the stage. As there are many cables and electronic appliances necessary for any stage performance, ensuring these items are all safely stored and tied down can be done using special fixtures, which can also be considered as accessories for the stage lighting. For suppliers and manufacturers of lighting products and technology, provides a useful database of information.

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