Essential elements of any stage lighting set up, effects create much more than a wash of light onto a stage. Like laser technology, filters and foils, lighting effects can be used to alter perceptions, create moods and even to add colour to performance stagings. There are two principle markets for stage lighting effects. The first of these is the professional theatrical sector and the second is lighting that is used in disco settings. Theatrical lighting systems are often controlled with great subtlety by a lighting designer through a control board. Many of the latest lighting effect boards can be programmed to remember specific fades patterns and colour temperature changes which the lighting operative then merely needs to cue, usually with the click of a mouse if operating a digital system. Productpilot.com offers stage lighting experts the business resource for finding the products they need. Effects might be nothing more than fading down surrounding stage lighting so that only spotlights are left, highlighting particular characters. On the other hand, they can be much more dramatic, creating lightning strikes or even approximations of sunsets on stage.

Many lighting effect products are available for the consumer market, too. This is because disco and PA equipment is no longer the preserve of professional DJs, but can be enjoyed by everyone. Typical disco lighting effects, supplied by professional wholesale channels, include items such as glitter balls, PAR cans, rope lights and sequencing light flashers. The design principle behind such products is to create many contrasting colour sequences which alternate in time with the music that is being played to create a mesmerising effect on dancers. Unlike theatrical lighting products, these lighting effects are rarely used subtly. With many new products coming onto the market each year, keeping up with essential market and trader developments can be done using productpilot.com.

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