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In the world of stagecraft and stage lighting, filters & foils are possibly the simplest of products that make the largest of differences. Simply put light filters or foils, a medium that is placed in front of a light, allowing the light to pass through but not before filtering it. This can be achieved with a number of different materials for a number of different purposes, such as diffusing the beam to gain a softer light, or blocking out certain colours to gain a specific coloured light. Even complete masking a light with a solid foil, which can allow for shapes to be cast by the beams. The main advantage of light filters is that many different lighting effects can be produced from one light source and a number of light filters; a much more cost effective solution than buying multiple lights for different purposes. Suppliers of these lighting effects can be easily located via the website. Lighting in this manner is crucial to any stage performance, providing atmosphere for the performers and audience alike.

A filter manufacturer or filter supplier will often produce large quantities of wholesale filters to be sold on to various productions, though the supplier will likely handle the sales rather the filter manufacturer. Individual productions may not require a sufficient amount of filters or foils to warrant buying wholesale themselves, however, production companies that handle many stage productions or concerts will likely buy filters and foils in large enough numbers.

Stagecraft is an ever-evolving sector of the entertainment industry and cultural events. The constant search for efficiency and cost reduction in an environment of high stress and low funding means that any new technologies or techniques that might bring production costs down are welcomed. can help traders in this market stay on top of these developments with access to all the latest suppliers’ news and updates.

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