The term floodlight refers to a large, powerful, artificial lamp or light source that produces a broad, intense beam of light, which can be directed to provide uniform illumination over a wide area. Sports stadium floodlights, for example, employ arrays of lamps, usually at a considerable height, to illuminate the pitch, track or pool and seating areas. Suppliers for floodlight products and items can be located on productpilot.com.

Sports stadium floodlights greatly extend the hours of play, particularly in winter. But sports facilities are relatively few and far between, so a typical floodlight manufacturer is likely to offer products suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. A floodlight manufacturer may offer floodlights for use in the theatre or to illuminate the exterior of buildings, fountains, gardens, etc. A high proportion of floodlights are used for security purposes and a floodlight manufacturer will typically tender a range of products that caters for the demands of the market place.

A floodlight manufacturer may offer metal halide floodlights, which produce a bright, clear light and excellent colour rendition for CCTV recording. Low wattage metal halide floodlights provide a compact, yet powerful, solution to the problem of domestic or commercial security lighting, but are best suited to constant illumination.

A floodlight supplier offering security floodlights may also stock sodium floodlights, which are gas discharge lamps, akin to street lights, and produce a soft, warm glow. Sodium floodlights are popular in car parks, outside factories and other industrial premises and, indeed, anywhere where light pollution is an issue.

Any floodlight supplier should offer light emitting diode (LED) floodlights, which are more expensive, initially, than metal halide or sodium floodlights, but are considerably cheaper to run. A variety of wattages, a lifetime of 30,000 hours or more and weatherproof fittings make LED floodlights a welcome addition to the market. Productpilot.com provides a global 24/7 shop window for floodlight products and services.

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