Most often made from glass or steel, a gobo is a small, circular disc, which is inserted into a lighting fixture to create a projected image. Artwork is cut out of the disc, such that when the gobo is inserted into a spotlight, between the lamp and the lens, the artwork is projected onto a surface.

A gobo supplier on productpilot.com may offer products made of glass or steel and each type of gobo has its pros and cons. Glass, of course, is fragile, but it is also more resistant to heat than steel and produces a higher quality image when fashioned into a gobo. The use of glass as a raw material also allows the gobo manufacturer to etch colour into the gobo itself, affording a full range of accurate, black and white, greyscale and full colour products, without the need for external colour filters. Steel, on the other hand, is more robust, but requires a colour filter to be attached to the lighting fixture, if necessary.

A gobo supplier may also offer stock or custom gobos. The designs of stock gobos, although conceived by the gobo manufacturer, are intended to match popular lighting project themes and patterns. Alternatively, custom gobos, personalised with company logos, slogans, etc. can add an extra dimension to a lighting project.

The gobo is, in fact, one of the oldest professional lighting effects, yet it is inexpensive and versatile. Indeed, gobos are still widely used in film, television and theatre, corporate functions, retail stores and elsewhere. They can add a touch of drama, exoticism or luxury to any event simply by creating memorable visual effects on ceilings, walls and other scenic elements. Productpilot.com provides an ideal meeting place for industry professionals from all over the world.

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