Laser Technology

Laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” and refers to a device that emits a narrow, powerful beam of electromagnetic radiation. Lasers work by exciting electrons in atoms to higher energy levels. When the electrons relax, they emit packets of light energy called photons. The photons are all at the same wavelength and the crests and troughs of the light waves are in step, or in phase. Thus, laser light is monochromatic, or one single colour, and coherent, allowing it to be finely focussed.

Lasers are a ubiquitous aspect of many industries, with being available to ensure suppliers can be easily located. In everyday consumer products, laser technology can be found in barcode scanners, CD and DVD players and laser printers, to name but a few devices reliant upon this technology. In medicine, surgical lasers cauterise body tissue as they cut, resulting in less blood and less infection. In industry, industrial lasers cut, drill, weld and otherwise transform a range of materials more accurately and efficiently than metal machine tools. Laser technology is also widely used in the military, not just for direct energy weapons, but also for communications, target guidance and ranging, etc.

Of course, the full potential of laser technology has yet to unfold. Research suggests that by sending data over unused frequencies in the terahertz frequency range, lasers could double the bandwidth and speed of data transfer. Research into many new types of lasers, with a variety of applications and characteristics, continues at a rate of knots, so exactly where laser technology could lead is a matter of conjecture. Innovative manufacturers, suppliers and marketers can find the business contacts they need at

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