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In the world of stage production, light control is an essential part of the show. The lighting at a play, musical, concert, or any similar event can be the deciding factor in promising a smooth, successful show. For the lighting to run smoothly, it needs to be controlled. This is handled by a lighting control system, suppliers of which can be found on

In the case of most stage productions, light control will be handled by a lighting engineer who will be stationed somewhere in the venue with a lighting control console. This console will give the engineer control over all the lights in the production, as well the house lights. Some lighting control consoles incorporate other systems, giving the operator control over things like hazers, and fog machines. Depending on how advanced the console is, it may be able to control intelligent lighting such as lights that project patterns and images, move, or change colour. Smaller, simpler lighting control consoles may do little more than allow the dimming and switching on and off of a small number of lights, but the purpose of any console is the same; to consolidate the control of all the lights in the production into one place. Some features of more advanced consoles include the ability to synchronise lighting to music, or store predetermined configurations and movement patterns.

It is also possible to use a personal computer-based control system, with software handling the lighting controls. This system has the advantage of being expandable and inexpensive. A small production could use a standard personal computer and the lighting set up they need, and if the need to expand at a later date arises the software on the computer can easily accept new lighting elements without the need to buy a new control console. As new technology arises, markets like this tend to shift and adapt to incorporate new and useful elements of that technology. can help traders in this market stay informed with access to the latest developments.

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