Moving Heads

Moving Lights are complex pieces of electrical equipment which are frequently used in stage productions and other performance venues. Moving lights can be programmed to produce a range of lighting effects and are also known as intelligent lighting or moving heads. Companies looking for suppliers or traders of this lighting technology can use

Moving lights are most commonly found in theatres. A lighting sequence can be designed that lets the lights move around the stage with the performers. They can also become brighter, fade and are often able change colour, a technology which removes the need for manual operation. More importantly, a lighting sequence can help reduce equipment expenses and save on running costs as it reduces the need for multiple lights. For this reason, many venues will be willing to invest in high-quality lighting equipment. These pieces will be suitable and effective for various productions, making them a valuable piece of kit.

Moving Lights are also popular in venues such as night clubs. They can be used to create various lighting effects and produce the desired atmosphere for a busy dance floor. This may be done through lighting the walls with creative patterns or drawing attention to the featured DJ or performers. They may also be used for productions such as fashion shows as they moving heads can easily follow models on cat walks or hosts as they move around the stage.

Buyers may choose to make a long term investment and buy their own lighting equipment, or venues may decide to hire a company to provide and operate such lighting for a temporary event. There are many options available and a list of suppliers and products, such as the list provided by, may be useful to those looking to find out more.

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