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Wholesale card games are products generated for entertainment purposes and play a significant part in leisure-time activities. Wholesale card games can vary in themes, textures and monetary value, as well as being designed specifically for adults or children alike. Card game manufacturers produce card games such as poker where two or more players can participate, though there are games which exist for solitary players. The gaming industry has also spurned interest in collectable cards which hold significant value because of their age and brand name sponsorship. These card collections are traded on the internet and are highly sought after. The value of such pieces depends on their condition and quality. Specific print dates are also relevant as they can become collectable items and can increase in value over time. Modernized card games can be sold as an individual item or in box sets that incorporate several types of games. At, a card games manufacturer can access information regarding suitable buyers for their latest designs and up-to-date products.

Card games and associated products for gaming shops, stationery stores and retail outlets are popular products with families. The casino industry, entertainment and IT sector and even the children's toys trade has benefited from card game products. Wholesale card games are part of the online gaming business world. Information technology incorporates card games through consoles, chat rooms and bingo sites that offer entertainment via traditional card games that are adapted for internet users. On a domestic level, card games are great gifting options for family members and friends. Card games are also used in youth clubs and community-based organizations that cater for group activities and leisurely pursuits.

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