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Puzzle Games are toys or diversions which challenge the player to solve a problem. Puzzles traditionally require the application of logic or skill to complete, erring towards logic, as a test of ingenuity. Puzzle games can take the form of video games, wooden toys, electronic devices and board games; anything which requires the player to solve a problem for enjoyment or even educational purposes. For whichever purpose, productpilot.com can be used to locate reputable suppliers of puzzle games.

The allure of puzzles is timeless, with fans ranging from children to adults, opening various possible markets for retailers. A child’s puzzle will typically involve an educational element. For example, toy puzzles range from simple jigsaw puzzles to complex combination puzzles. The former can be designed to reveal popular children’s characters, increasing the fun and marketability. Puzzles can also be designed in such a way that they do not have to be completed in one sitting or session, enabling the player to take breaks. In both cases, the player’s application of logic is tested and through repeat play, gradually improved.

Children’s puzzles will often feature bright colours and characters, intended to stimulate the child’s imagination and provide enjoyment so that education becomes a casual by-product. For example, the child might learn the names of animals by pressing the relevant shapes on an electronic board. Conversely, puzzles aimed at adults tend towards video game puzzles and executive toys. The former are very interactive and can be stylised with any number of situations. The latter tend to be simple puzzles that are presented in high quality materials for an ornamental feel. Puzzles are ideally positioned with educational games, but can also sell to buyers of board games or a game console.

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