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Curiously, about one-third of the developed world’s residents indulge in collecting some item or other. What, for instance, is that doll collection tattling behind the owner’s back? A psychoanalytic explanation would probably entail the soothing of an anxiety, which would explain why the majority of collectible dolls and marionettes are not for sale. The collector could be a moist-eyed rummager through childhood memories, an internet warrior relentlessly pursuing the mint condition pre-1900s bisque doll, or now more frequently, an unsentimental disposer of the traditional set of Russian nested dolls when the value reached the £1,000 mark. Whatever the motivation, one thing is certain; the collection is never complete.

The industry of wholesale collectible dolls and marionettes relies on the consistency of the market. For monetary-driven collectors, the narrower the focus on a theme or historical period, the greater the value of the collection. Consistency also derives from the fairly standard psychological needs satisfied by the collecting of lovingly hand-stitched rag dolls. Most ephemeral trends, such as merchandise in the wake of a blockbuster children’s film, can be predicted. Nobody, however, could have predicted that children would be susceptible to the appeal of individual ownership to the extent of fueling the 1980s meteoric rise in popularity of dolls that are accompanied by adoption certificates.

Of course, these items can also have practical uses, such as marionettes in stage performances, which are still popular to this day, or even marionettes used to make films or television shows.

The unexpected craze for “adopted” dolls is why registering with is a good plan for the wholesale dealer of collectible dolls and marionettes. With its business-to-business format, allows the wholesaler to keep on top of the market trends.

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