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A music box, also called a musical box, is a type of automated musical instrument. The mechanism for producing sound in music boxes consists of a disk or cylinder fitted with steel pins which, as it turns, strikes the teeth of a steel comb. Each tooth is carefully tuned to a musical pitch, and is thus able to play tunes 'programmed' on to the precision manufactured disk/cylinder. In general,'s wholesale music boxes tend to be listed under two main category headings: Games & Toys includes the types of music box intended for children, whereas Music, Instruments & Media includes examples of a broader musical and/or decorative appeal.

Music boxes have great appeal even outside of the musician’s world. With the appropriate packaging or decoration, music boxes are popular gift items, for both adults and children. The vintage appeal of these items means that they appeal to collectors, too. The smaller models often form popular items in tourist shops, as they’re easily portable. The range of melodies a music box can be fitted with mean that these items are ideal for singing in special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas, too.

Many of the wholesale manufacturers of musical boxes are based in Germany and Switzerland, though Japan build and export large numbers of musical boxes too. As the stunning examples in world museums clearly show, the finest music boxes are true works of art. Sometimes specialist products such as musical boxes can be more difficult to source, especially in wholesale quantities and on an international scale. Buyers faced with this problem will be relieved to know that is a useful resource to develop fresh commercial outlets. The online portal hosts an active B2B forum with lots of businesses keen to make industry contacts.

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Key-ring with miniature music movement plays "For Elise"


Ercolano srl.

During the 40s Mr. Ercolano’s grandfather founded a little craftsman workshop, he...



Carousel in egg shape. The 6.7 inch high carousel turn to the melody “Rigoletto”.




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LUDELL S.n.c. di Luca dell' Innocenti & C.

LUDELL was founded in 2002 by the great love for Christmas and its decorations...

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