Snow Globes

Snow globes are delightful objects designed to be decorative but also work very nicely as souvenirs. The can remind consumers of a wonderful vacation or other experiences, for example, family celebrations or momentous events. Often they depict famous scenes, such as landmarks, doused in snowy glitter or falling confetti. They can also be personalised, with family photos or sentimental words. Indeed, certain companies run websites where a customer can upload their own snaps and add them into products. Whatever a snow globe looks like, their production involves carefully choosing the correct supplier and manufacturers, which can be done easily through

Owing to the fact that snow domes can be easily customised, buying basic wholesale products is a wise choice. Direct from the manufacturer, these items can be easily adapted to any company’s specific purpose, or even wait to be customised by the consumer. However, a bespoke product can be more appropriate in certain situations, such as a photo snow dome as a gift idea for family and friends or as a long-term souvenir supply for holiday resorts.

For high quality products with specific purpose, sellers will need to consult with various different professionals such as designers and photographers, or even rent studio space for photo shoots to appropriately customise the snow globe. The production of glitter or inner liquid could again be acquired through a wholesale supplier, but even this has scope for personalisation if a customer wishes to have particular shapes floating in their snow domes. offers a platform where like-minded companies can access information on all aspects of producing and marketing good snow domes, as well as making contact with wholesale suppliers and manufacturers.

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