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The cleaning products wholesale market encompasses many areas of sanitation and this is certainly evident when it comes to computer cleaning. Like other accessories for laptops and desktops, such as cases and wrist supports, computer cleaning products commonly reach the consumer through wholesale channels. Sometimes supplied by office stationery suppliers and sometimes by IT resellers, all of which can be accessed on, PC cleaning products include items like screen wipes, compressed air canisters, miniature vacuum appliances and anti-static foam cleaners. A typical cleaning products manufacturer will make a variety of these products and frequently market them within a distinctive range under the same brand. When wholesalers bundle these items together, they are often sold to consumers as cleaning kits.

Due to the low voltage elements that are part of many computers' design, touching certain parts of the internal workings with hands can cause damage, even blowing parts of circuit boards when the power is restored. A cleaning products manufacturer will make items which help to remove grime and dust without the sensitive parts of a computer needing to be touched. When it comes to miniature vacuum cleaners, for example, these tend to have bristles at the end to the nozzle, which means that inappropriate amounts of pressure are not applied onto circuit boards. In addition, nozzles tend to be long and thin, to keep hands out of the way whilst allowing access. As well as removing dust, the cleaning products wholesale market also makes products design to stop it from collecting in the first place, such as negatively charged anti-static sprays and wipes. A buyer looking for a cleaning products wholesaler can use to access all of the latest innovations and market developments.

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