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The category of computer, PDA and multimedia accessories covers a wide range of products designed to complement or facilitate the easier use of workstations, laptops or portable computers in addition to tablets and smaller hand-held computing devices. These are also known as PDAs or personal data assistants and can be found from the computer accessories wholesale suppliers at

Popular product lines supplied by a typical computer accessories provider include input or output devices for copying or backup storage, docking stations for smaller devices of various brands including iPads and iPad mini PDAs, as well as cases and transparent film screen covers to help protect from damage and surface scratches. Other fast-selling computer accessories wholesale stock lines include chargers, hands-free sets for personal use or for mounting in vehicles, input pens and different types of stylus.

For laptops, carriers range from elegant briefcase style bags to rucksacks with shoulder straps and reinforced handles. Practical features include separate side compartments, with at least one zipped pocket of A4 paper size, and integral trolley belts for extra security and to prevent accidents when travelling.

A computer accessories dealer will also be able supply digital wireless microphones, solar powered and car chargers, miniature scanners and portable printers. Wireless or standard computer mouse options are available, as well as full-sized or miniature keyboards. Mouse pads with ergonomic wrist support help to prevent repetitive strain injury, while web cams and headsets with microphones are ideal for communicating with VOIP applications such as Skype. Especially where international business is concerned, the ability to communicate electronically whilst travelling is an essential asset. To locate a competitive and knowledgeable computer accessories dealer and for computer accessories wholesale suppliers, is a powerful search tool.

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