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In common with the majority of other computer accessories, such as laptop cases, wrist supports and webcams, mouses and keyboards are commonly sold separately from computers themselves. Although some computer suppliers bundle these items in with a new PC, they are also available as separate items, enabling users to easily upgrade their current products or replace faulty ones without having to buy a new computer. The wholesale keyboards market caters for both the bundled-in sector and the separate one and suppliers are available on Of course, many a wholesale computer mouse will be sold in a double pack along with a keyboard, but the keyboards wholesale market also provides both devices singly, if preferred.

The majority of wholesale keyboards on sale conform to the standard QWERTY design, but there are some specialist products which do away with this, sometimes for educational reasons or for international trade. Many of the keyboards currently made have a keypad on the right which makes dealing with numbers easier. Left-handed versions of wholesale keyboards tend to have the reverse configuration, with the keypad on the left, however. Although older keyboards and mouses use a PS/2 connector to plug into a computer, these are no longer commonplace and most manufacturers now opt of USB connections only. Nevertheless, adapters which allow USB devices to plug into PS/2 ports can still be found.

Along with wireless keyboards and mouses, a typical computer mouse manufacturer will also produce trackballs. These devices are essentially upside-down mice, which allow the operator to move their cursor by rolling a ball around, thus reducing strain on their fingers and wrist. Traders in mouses and keyboards are able to check out all of the newest design innovations by registering with

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