Music Hardware

Music hardware is equipment that is used in the creation or reproduction of sound. It can be found in any environment where audiovisual media may be consumed or created. Examples of musical hardware can include items as diverse as basic consumer electronics products, to musical instruments and studio equipment. A personal music player, or the headphones which connect to it, are examples of consumer level musical hardware. So too are a home stereo system, or a sound card for a computer. Locating providers of music hardware products can be done using

In contrast to the consumer products, any item which may be used within the industry for the recording of music can be considered professional music hardware. A modern sound studio will use numerous individual examples of musical hardware every time a new song or album is recorded. From multi-channel mixing desks to individual cables and connectors, the range of products used by professional recording organisations is vast. And, with the global recording industry being worth billions of dollars in sales revenue every year, it is no surprise that professional enterprises represent some of the most significant consumers of musical hardware and recording equipment.

While consumer electronics are designed to have a broad appeal that reaches as large an audience as possible, many of the components of a modern recording studio will be highly specialised items. These pieces of equipment are designed to complete a single specific task or fulfill a unique purpose. They will often make use of scarce raw materials and require expert knowledge and engineering in their construction. The recording industry has traditionally been a place for developing new technologies while rewarding innovation. In a competitive sector with an appetite for the latest cutting edge product, it is no surprise that high fidelity music hardware can often come with a very high unit cost.

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